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Officer’s Grade Mess Kit is now available, complete and correct to French & Indian or Revolutionary War period. All items will be fitted in compartments of an iron clasped black hide covered chest decorated with brass tacks and securely double locked. Interior covered in wool and hand blocked wall paper in neatest manner.

With one exception the components in this Officer’s Mess Kit are specially hand made for this kit by American Artisans employing style and construction techniques taken from original 18th Century examples. The exception is stainless steel knives and forks cast from patterns of originals for this project with handles applied by me. A display of this Mess Kit will produce wonderment.


6) Service for six in bright tin
2) Hand formed Serving Platters
6) Hand formed Dining Platters
6) Hand formed Handleless Camp cups
6) Hand formed Deep Saucers
2) Tinder-box Candle Stands
1) Candle Box
1) Tea Box
2) Small Storage Boxes with Lids
1) Spoon Box
1) Measuring Cup and Funnel
1) Set of Three Nesting Pots ( one Chocolate) with removable wooden handles.

Items Other than Tin:

6) Knives and Forks with Rose Wood Handles.
6) Spoons
6) Fancy Wine Glasses – Hand Blown Glass
2) Wine Decanters – Hand Blown Glass
2) Large Condiment Bottles- Hand Blown Glass
2) Seasoning Shaker-top Bottles -Hand Blown Glass
2) Small Condiment Bottles -Hand Blown Glass
1) Combination Fork-Spatula (Brass Blade)
1) Ladle (Brass Bowl)
1) Skillet on legs -with Removable Wooden Handle
1) Folding leg Grid Iron
1) Fire Tongs
1) Screw lidded Salt Container (Horn)
1) Sugar Loaf Box with Tongs
6) Napkins (large)

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