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British Campaign Furniture:
Elegance Under Canvas, 1740-1914

by Nicholas A. Brawer
printed 2001
ISBN 0-8109-5711-6


The Princeton homestead named Rockingham served as General George Washington’s final headquarters during the American Revolution. It was here he awaited the Treaty of Paris, the official paperwork that would end the war and grant America formal sovereignty.

Furnishings below are part of the extensive collection of Washington’s field furnishings created for Rockingham Historic Site in 2005-2006. The State of New Jersey commissioned the Living History Shop, in cooperation with the Smithsonian and Mt. Vernon, to reproduce many of Washington’s personal campaign furnishings for Rockingham.

Washington Mess Kit (canteen) duplicated from original in the Smithsonian. Intricate and detailed construction including hand-blocked wallpaper, green felt lining, and intricate system of precisely fitted compartments.

Washinton’s four nested cooking pots with detachable handles. Mess kit (canteen) tinware by tinsmith, Carl Giordano.

 George Washington’s folding gridiron with telescoping handle. Forge work by blacksmith, Jeff Miller.
Mid 18th Century Delaware Valley design “Sawbuck” table. Dovetailed center drawer. Sturdy construction, featuring 1.25″ thick pine top and poplar legs.
Washington’s travel trunk in black leather duplicated by Steve Freede from original at Mt. Vernon with brass cartouche engraved “Genl Washington No.3”.
Washington’s travel trunk in black leather duplicated by Steve Freede from original at Mt. Vernon with brass cartouche engraved “Genl Washington No.3”.
Geo Washington large faux grain shipping chest from original at Mt. Vernon. Wood joints and assembly are individually fitted. Fit and finish are appropriate to the piece and its use today. Jackplane smoothing marks and scribe lines are visible on exposed surfaces. Hand-forged iron fastenings and handles are used. Authenticated period colors cover painted pieces.
One of two walnut Chippendale Side Chairs duplicated from original set of four at Rockingham site.
Plunket Fleeson of Philadelphia supplied Washington with 18 walnut camp stools as part of a large order, including his tentage, in 1776. Duplicated from original in the Smithsonian.
George Washington’s folding field bedstead in walnut wood, with hand sewn hemp canvas foundation, interpreted from multiple researched sources including observation of the original at Mt. Vernon.

Shaving Box used by George Washington that carried seven daily straight razors in mahogany wood, silk lined. Duplicated from original in Mt. Vernon.

The FINAL HEADQUARTERS: ROCKINGHAM project by the LIVING HISTORY SHOP, 2006, installed at Rockingham in Kingston New Jersey, was made possible by the Public Buildings Arts Inclusion Act of 1978. The Arts Inclusion program is administered by the NEW JERSEY STATE COUNCIL ON THE ARTS. Funding for this project was provided by the NEW JERSEY DEPARTMENT OF ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION and administered by the NEW JERSEY DIVISION OF PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSTRUCTION.



Rockingham Historic Site 
Mt. Vernon


Carl Giordano, Tinsmith
Steve & Katie Freede, The Trunk Shoppe 
Jeff Miller, Flintlock Forge
John Pierce & Dave Byerly, P&B Glassworks
Frank Willis
Tricia & Rick Toone, Fine Art & Photography



Have a look at my museum-quality reproduction travel furnishings from 1740-1790. Including folding beds, chests, tables, chairs, wheelbarrows and all manner of accessories. I have been dedicated to meeting the needs of museums, historical sites, and officers in the field.

I will be attending some history venues and demonstrating horn making on the spring pole lathe.



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