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Mess Kit


We hand-build 18th century travel furnishings and field equipage to your specifications.

The Living History Shop works in close collaboration with historic sites as well as the Smithsonian Museum to research and reproduce unusual and challenging examples of historic technology specific to the 1740-1790 time period.

Because of the increasing complexity and scope of our projects, we will no longer be printing a catalog. Simply call or email us with your needs or to obtain current prices and delivery schedule.

Curators of historic sites can obtain — with permission from sites in possession — reproductions of some of George Washington’s personal campaign furniture and accessories, including his: Folding Field Bedsteads, Mess Kit, Stool, Liquor Chest, Shaving Kit, large Storage Box, Luggage and Writing Case.

All items are made from original examples I have seen and documented and employ construction details of the original. Iron keyed locks are used on chest lids and drawers. Hand forged iron work is made to our specifications by Jeff Miller (Flintlock Forge).

Examples include:

  • Wooden chests with dovetail or lap joints, forged iron or rope handles, snipe or strap hinges, painted or not
  • Pine topped tables with scissor leg or sawbuck design (2″ X-legs with streacher between)
  • Pine plank benches
  • Pine bench Shaving Horse
  • Red oak open frame wheelbarrows with solid (non-spoked) wheel standard
  • Red oak standard size ( 1 3/4″ thick frame) four spoke wheelbarrows with or without sides 1/2″ thick
  • White oak heavy duty wheelbarrows using 2″ thick stock for frame and 3/4″ thick sides and bottom – four spoke wheel
  • 17-18th century Miner Style Wheelbarrow (from Diderot) with four spoked wheel in red or white oak 3/4″ sides
  • Walnut folding officers bedstead in single or double width complete with bed curtains, mattress, and storage chest
  • Walnut officers grade Chippendale style folding table with matching upholstered stool including custom canvas case
  • Walnut or maple Georgian period folding chair upholstered in leather
  • The best wooden handled table top brazier made
  • Officer grade Mess Kit Canteen
  • Wine crates with or without blown bottles
  • Wine chest with blown bottles and glasses of officer grade in iron clasped walnut and with hand made lock
  • Sundry small items such as lidded pine Tavern Tankards, Tape Looms, and curly maple Lanterns


Table top brazier with 6” x 6” fire box and removable Walnut turned handle as well as lift off grill sown as it can be used to cook on the finished surface of a table. Design copied from an original in Ford Mansion Washington’s Headquarters Morristown, New Jersey, and made in the USA by Jeff Miller. — $395

Pine Tavern Tankard with flip up lid to keep the flies out of your cider. Hand made by me and lined with West Systems epoxy for permanent sanitary and sealant solution. — $110


First seating using the British 33rd Regiment of Foot officer’s mess kit to entertain civilian visitors at the Ronald Reagan Library, April 2009. Learn more about the mess kit.


Single place setting featuring: Carl Giordano hand worked tin plate and handleless camp cup; custom 18th Century designed (stainless) steel with rosewood handled eating utensils; original design hand blown wine glass by Nik Christensen; fancy walnut sugar box with sugar loaf and USA made sugar nippers; threaded lid Georgian style salt container (horn) by Roland Cadle; same period Yew salt cellar by Erv Tschanz; and Walnut Spice Grinder (pepper) copied from an original.


Officer’s Grade Mess Kit is now available, complete and correct to French & Indian or Revolutionary War period. All items will be fitted in compartments of an iron clasped black hide covered chest decorated with brass tacks and securely double locked. Interior covered in wool and hand blocked wall paper in neatest manner.

With one exception the components in this Officer’s Mess Kit are specially hand made for this kit by American Artisans employing style and construction techniques taken from original 18th Century examples. The exception is stainless steel knives and forks cast from patterns of originals for this project with handles applied by me. A display of this Mess Kit will produce wonderment.


6) Service for six in bright tin
2) Hand formed Serving Platters
6) Hand formed Dining Platters
6) Hand formed Handleless Camp cups
6) Hand formed Deep Saucers
2) Tinder-box Candle Stands
1) Candle Box
1) Tea Box
2) Small Storage Boxes with Lids
1) Spoon Box
1) Measuring Cup and Funnel
1) Set of Three Nesting Pots ( one Chocolate) with removable wooden handles.

Items Other than Tin:

6) Knives and Forks with Rose Wood Handles.
6) Spoons
6) Fancy Wine Glasses – Hand Blown Glass
2) Wine Decanters – Hand Blown Glass
2) Large Condiment Bottles- Hand Blown Glass
2) Seasoning Shaker-top Bottles -Hand Blown Glass
2) Small Condiment Bottles -Hand Blown Glass
1) Combination Fork-Spatula (Brass Blade)
1) Ladle (Brass Bowl)
1) Skillet on legs -with Removable Wooden Handle
1) Folding leg Grid Iron
1) Fire Tongs
1) Screw lidded Salt Container (Horn)
1) Sugar Loaf Box with Tongs
6) Napkins (large)


Have a look at my museum-quality reproduction travel furnishings from 1740-1790. Including folding beds, chests, tables, chairs, wheelbarrows and all manner of accessories. I have been dedicated to meeting the needs of museums, historical sites, and officers in the field.

I will be attending some history venues and demonstrating horn making on the spring pole lathe.



Please call with your questions or orders. We enjoy complex or challenging research and build opportunities.

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