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Warrant Officer Arthur Young is a three time war zone veteran with two tours in Afganistan and one in Iraq.

He grew up in our camps at rendezvous and private trekking excursions with his parents Rick and Sue Young. It was perceived by Bill Harris and me (photo, above) that it would be our privilege to be able to thank Artie’s men for their service to our nation.

The order was filled November 10, 2010 at no charge including shipping. Inside of mug lid reads: Semper Fidelis 1775.

Mr. Toone,

I hope this email finds you, Mrs. Toone, and your sons and their families well and enjoying life.

I was curious if you still produce the pine tankards like the one my dad bought for me years ago. I was looking at buying 10 of them as a gift for my Marines. We just returned from our deployment to Afghanistan with Marine Special Operations; for some of us this was our second go round together. I am scheduled to move this winter to another unit and I wanted to show them my appreciation for all they have done. I’m extremely proud of them, they worked hard and accomplished more than I could have expected.

I’m not much into t-shirts, plaques, or mass produced mugs. To anyone outside the team it would be nothing more than a mug. But for my guys, it would be symbolic of my respect of them. I still regularly use the mug you made for both tea and beer (now a days more tea than beer), so I know that it will last them a long time and with this group of guys will frequently be filled with suds.

Again I hope all is well with you and yours Mr. Toone.


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I will be attending some history venues and demonstrating horn making on the spring pole lathe.



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